Our BIDA services include the following:

  • Obtaining Industrial registration (Foreign, Joint Venture and Local).
  • Obtaining permission for setting up of the Liaison Office.
  • Renewing permission of the Liaison Office.
  • Assist to get recommendation letter for Industrial IRC & ERC.
  • Assist to get recommendation letter for E- Visa and PI Visa for foreign national.
  • Assist to get work permit for foreign national.
  • Renewing of work permit.

Documents for work permit

The following papers/documents are required for new work permit in favor of the expatriate (s) employment in Branch/Liaison office and other private enterprise

  • Attested copy of the permission letter for Brach/Liaison office/Company.
  • Application in prescribed form along with passport size photographs of the expatriate(s) attested by the Managing Director/Managing Partner/Proprietor/appropriate authority.
  • Board resolution regarding employment of foreign national(s) including salary & other benefit to be provided.
  • Memorandum & Article of Association and Certificate of Incorporation of the company duly signed by Shareholders, if not submitted earlier.
  • Attested copy of passport with arrival stamp  type visa for employee and  type visa for investors.
  • Attested copy of service contract/agreement and appointment letter in case of employee.
  • Attested copies of all academic, professional & experience certificate for employee.
  • Original paper clipping showing advertisement made for recruitment of local personal prior to appointment of the expatriate(s).
  • Statement of manpower showing list of local & expatriate personal employed with designation, salary break-up, nationality and date of first appointment.
  • Encasement certificate of inward remittance in favor of Liaison/Branch office for the last 2 years.
  • Encasement certificate of inward remittance of minimum US$ 50,000 as initial establishment cost for branch/liaison offices and locally incorporated/join-venture and 100%  foreign  ownership companies.
  • Up-to-date income tax certificate for branch office or locally incorporated companies in Bangladesh.
  • All documents to be attested by the Managing Director/Managing Partner/Proprietor of the Company/Firm.
  • For more details :http://www.bida.gov.bd